Our Services - New Jersey Anesthesia Professionals
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New Jersey Anesthesia Professionals offers comprehensive anesthesia and perioperative services to patients throughout New Jersey. We recruit exceptional, board-certified anesthesiologists to work with us and provide them the administrative support they need to focus on delivering anesthesia care and enhancing the patient experience.

Our staff will provide your practice or facility with the requisite documentation you need to fulfill credentialing requirements. Our experienced and certified anesthesia technologists will meticulously set up and maintain the anesthesia supplies needed to ensure patient safety and comfort during the perioperative period.

Our billing and collections department will submit claims in a compliant manner and be readily accessible to patients for any and all questions related to billing for anesthesia services.

New Jersey Anesthesia Professionals understands the complex regulatory environment that practices and surgical facilities face from the federal government, the state of New Jersey, and accrediting organizations. We are experienced in meeting and exceeding the standards set by such entities for anesthesia care. We will ensure that our anesthesiologists are punctual, professional and provide quality care with the compassion your patients deserve.