In a complex and evolving healthcare regulatory environment, dedicated management is crucial. From listening to clients, we understand the issues they face when utilizing strictly clinical anesthesia groups. Reimbursement, compliance and scheduling problems surface and erode the relationship between surgical facilities and anesthesiologists. These issues also detract from the patient experience.

In addition to superb anesthesia care through experienced and qualified anesthesiologists, NJAP has a staff of dedicated healthcare management professionals that strive to maximize revenues through meticulous and compliant billing practices. They are also experienced with state and federal regulations pertaining to medication management. Credentialing matters are handled with an attention to detail and our staff is knowledgeable and experienced with accreditation requirements, whether it has to do with CMS, Joint Commission, AAAHC or AAAASF.

NJAP has over two dozen New Jersey based anesthesiologists and our provider base is constantly increasing as anesthesiologists realize the advantages of working with an organization that allows them to concentrate on patient care by assuming day to day managerial and administrative tasks.

We have several certified anesthesia technologists who have experience with setting up and maintaining ORs and procedure rooms for anesthesia services. They are also well versed in compliance related matters. Our clients can attest to their professional acumen and we receive frequent compliments on their work.

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